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Seems everybody wants to get in on cryogenically hardening transmission components to give them more strength.  But don’t be too hasty to jump on that bandwagon.  If cryo hardening is done incorrectly it can actually weaken the gears and cause them to get brittle.  YIKES! One competitor flat out copied our tested  torque rating numbers. Who are you going to trust your transmission with the innovators or the copy cats? American Powertrain has been delivering our XTREME line of cryo hardened transmissions for many years now and we have a great track record for service, durability and reliability.  Only a handful of facilities understand true cryogenic hardening, the process of super cooling steel and then reheating it at a controlled rate.  Most so-called cryo hardening uses passive reheating and nets steel that is more brittle than it started out.  American Powertrain does cryo right utilizing -300°F liquid nitrogen cooling and active reheating to deliver up to a 30% increase  in component strength without affecting tolerances.  Then we go a step further with authentic, licensed REM™ Polishing of the gears and shafts, an exclusive process that fills in the microscopic abnormalities in the surface of the metal and polishes it to a mirror finish without changing the tolerances of the part.  REM™ Polishing reduces fluid pressure between gear teeth, lowers internal friction and heat and eliminates power sucking drag.  All this means more durability, less parasitic power loss and a transmission you can trust to take the punishment.  Get your Xtreme upgrade today on any TKO or Magnum, and add one of our super fast White Lightning shifters for the ultimate performance upgrade.  Trust the gold standard in upgraded transmissions, trust XTREME by American Powertrain.

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Transmission segments to give them more quality. In any case don't be excessively Essay Help rushed making it impossible to bounce on that temporary fad. On the off chance that cryo solidifying is done erroneously it can really debilitate the apparatuses and make them get weak. Wow! One contender level out replicated our tried torque rating numbers. Who are you going to believe your transmission with the trend-setters or the duplicate felines? American Powertrain has been conveying our XTREME line of cryo solidified transmissions for a long time now and we have an awesome reputation for administration, solidness and unwavering quality. Just a modest bunch of offices see genuine cryogenic solidifying, the procedure of super cooling steel and afterward warming it at a controlled rate.

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Transmission sections to give them greater quality. Regardless don't be too much surged making it difficult to ricochet on that transitory trend. In case cry cementing is Do my Essay Online | Essay Tiger done wrongly it can truly cripple the mechanical assemblies and influence them to get feeble. Goodness! One contender level out imitated our attempted torque rating numbers. Who are you going to trust your transmission with the trailblazers or the copy cats? American Power prepare has been passing on our EXTREME line of cry cemented transmissions for quite a while now and we have an amazing notoriety for organization, robustness and enduring quality. Only a humble cluster of workplaces see bona fide cryogenic cementing, the system of super cooling steel and a while later warming it at a controlled rate.

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This implies greater solidness, less parasitic power misfortune and a transmission you can trust to take the discipline. Coursework Services Get your Xtreme overhaul today on any TKO or Magnum, and include one of our super quick White Lightning shifters for a definitive execution update.

micheal 10/18/17 07:54:40 AM

American Powertrain does cryo right using - 300°F fluid nitrogen cooling and dynamic warming to convey up to a 30% expansion in part quality without influencing resilience. Coursework Help UK

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