TREMEC discontinues production of all Magnum 6-speeds with a .50 overdrive gear.

If you want a .50 6th gear call now because when they’re gone … they’re  gone

We still have a few in stock. If you want one give us a call!

Tremec will still offer the 2.97 first gear option previously offered with the .50 6th, but it will now only be available with the .63 6th .

YES – that is correct you have 2 choices of 1st gear that are only .31 apart but no factory option for the .50

After the supply of factory built .50 6th gear  Magnums is gone American Powertrain will be able to custom build a new Magnum with the .50 6th gear for an additional charge. Call for details and pricing.

931-646-4836 or shoot us an email

TUET11009 MAGNUM for GM   2.66/.63
TUET11010 MAGNUM for Ford  2.66/.63
TUET11011 MAGNUM for Ford  2.97/.50  Discontinued
TUET16884 MAGNUM for Ford  2.97/.63  NEW MODEL
TUET11012 MAGNUM for GM   2.97/.50  Discontinued
TUET16885 MAGNUM for GM   2.97/.63  NEW MODEL
TUET11430 MAGNUM XL for Ford 2.66/.50  Discontinued
TUET16886 MAGNUM XL for Ford 2.66/.63  NEW MODEL
TUET11940 MAGNUM XL for Ford 2.97/.63
TUKT12019 MAGNUM XL + Mustang install kit 2.66/.50  Discontinued
TUKT16901 MAGNUM XL + Mustang install kit 2.66/.63  NEW
TUKT12021 MAGNUM XL + Mustang install kit 2.97/.63

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