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More About Clutches

Science Friction Clutch Info: All Science Friction clutches are made in the USA to the very exacting standards that American Powertrain customers have come to expect. Our variety of clutches are paired to high quality pressure plates available in multiple stages for different power handling needs. All of our pressure plates have a high release point, which means even our highest clamp load clutch assemblies are relatively light and comfortable to actuate. Power ratings are based on a 3600lb. curb weight, drag radials (Trak Slayer rated with slicks), and a 15% safety margin to ensure durability at the limit. Glossary of Terms: Rebound Hub – Circular series of springs placed around the disc hub to absorb energy and gradually return it to the system which reduces harshness on engagement. All SF rebound hubs feature a solid spring cover that control linear spring action and prevent “inchworming”. Bonding and Riveting – All of our disc materials are bonded, or glued, to the carrier and then riveted to provide the best durability possible Heat Dissipation Index (Fade Index) – Based on a 1-100 scale, with stock organic material representing the average, this index indicates how quickly your clutch will recover in high heat situations. The closer you get to 100, the more quickly your friction material will recover from heat load, which reduces friction and therefore the efficacy of the clutch. Simply put, the higher the better. Power Holding – The ability for the clutch to maintain grip given 3600lb curb weight and drag radials. Lower curb weight and less tire will increase power holding. Chatter – When a clutch disc skips across the surface of the pressure plate on initial engagement, causing the car to shudder or shake. Aggressive clutch materials, button style friction material, solid carriers and segmented carriers generally cause more chatter. Durability – The expected life of the clutch as compared to a stock style part. This will vary with use, driver ability, heat conditions and break-in Break-In – The number of miles you will need to drive the clutch like a Nancy before you can put the screws to it. Failure to observe break-in requirements can significantly reduce the life and the capability of your clutch. Pressure Plate Stages – A “Stage” is simply a step up in the spring pressure of the pressure plate, which will increase capability and leg effort. By using advanced friction materials most customers can find a very comfortable Stage 1 Science Friction clutch that suits their needs. Stage 2 and 3 pressure plates will always increase clutch capacity. See specific kits for details.
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