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Science Friction Flywheels

American Powertrain’s Science Friction SFI quality billet flywheels fit just about every GM, Ford, Mopar and AMC V8 ever built. Billet steel or lightened billet steel works best on the street for smooth performance and drag racing where the flywheel stores energy for hard launches. Billet aluminum is preferred for quick rpm gain in road racing and for high revving engines. Shop Flywheels Flywheels Specs

Flywheels - Aluminum vs Steel

Science Friction Flywheels

Billet Construction
Solid billet construction
SFI quality at affordable prices
Range of Uses
Wide range of common and not so common applications
Weight Balanced
Weight balanced to your crank specs
Compatible with popular clutches
Made in USA
CNC milled, assembled and balanced in the USA
Custom CNC
Custom and one-off wheels available on request

American Powertrain Flywheels

Science Friction Billet Steel Flywheels

Billet steel for smooth performance & energy store for drag racing

Steel Flywheel
  • Made in USA
  • High grade billet
  • Heavy duty ring gear
  • SFI Certification available on every wheel
  • 20% Lightening available on every wheel
  • Great for most street cars, drag racing and high mass vehicles
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Science Friction Billet Aluminum Flywheels

Billet aluminum for road racing and high revving engines with quick rpm gain requirements

Aluminum Flywheel
  • Made in USA
  • Lightweight billet aluminum
  • Double Blanchard ground steel friction plate
  • Aircraft grade riveted friction plate
  • Welded tab HD ring gear
  • SFI Certification available on every wheel
  • Great for road racing, high revving engines and low mass vehicles
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Find a Steel or Aluminum Flywheel for your vehicle

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