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Science Friction Clutches

American Powertrain’s Science Friction clutches utilize the most technically advanced friction materials to achieve great performance without a heavy pressure plate to weigh you down. Best of all, we sell most of our clutches direct to the customer with a transmission system so we get tons of feedback from them and use their opinions to constantly improve the line-up. The big box guys ship their stuff on pallets, we ship ours one great clutch at a time. Available for all popular 4, 5 and 6-speed applications behind any classic or modern V8. Shop Clutches Clutch Specs

Clutch Disc
Clutch Discs

Made in USA using scientifically advanced friction materials bonded and riveted to a carrier with captive springs for ultimate rebound control.

Clutch Plate
Pressure Plates

Light pedal effort and high tip-in for comfort, carefully balanced and made in Germany to their typically exacting standards. Two stages available for each system.

Tourque Rating
True Torque Ratings

We live up to our claims with true torque ratings on every clutch kit based on 3600lb curb weight and drag radials. Less tire and weight increases capability. Contact us if you need help choosing the right clutch.


Wide selection of applications for most engine, transmission and performance needs. Compatible with all mechanical and hydraulic release systems.

Kits Available
Kits Available

Include pressure plate, disc, pilot bearing, alignment tool, release bearing (contents vary in some cases).

American Powertrain Clutches

Super Street

Rated from 350-475 ft-lbs
Street, Circle Track, Road Racing

Super Street
  • Kevlar/Organic blend
  • Smooth Engagement
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer than stock
  • Great price point
  • Rated from 350-475 ft-lbs
  • Street, Circle Track, Road Racing
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Mean Street Duo

Rated from 450-580 ft-lbs
Mixed use Street and Strip and Pure Street

Mean Street Duo
  • Dual Grip™ Technology
  • Super Street Kevlar blend flywheel side
  • Ventilated Feramix™ pressure plate side
  • Smooth engagement with bite
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than stock
  • Rated from 450-580 ft-lbs
  • Mixed use Street/Strip or Pure Street
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Street Slayer

Rated for 545-755 ft-lbs
Street or Street and Strip

Street Slayer
  • Our most popular hi-performance clutch
  • High grade Ceramix™ pads
  • Streetable with sharp bite
  • Takes loads of power
  • Zero break-in required
  • Highest co-efficient of drag available
  • Rated for 545-755 ft-lbs
  • Street or Street/Strip
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Track Slayer

Rated for 645-800ft-lbs
For Drag Strip and gettin’ her home only

Track Slayer
  • Captive spring rebound hub
  • High grade ceramic pads
  • Solid steel carrier
  • Hits like Mike Tyson
  • Huge power holding
  • Rated for 645-800 ft-lbs
  • For Drag Strip and gettin’ her home only
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Atomic Twin

Rated for up to 1100 ft-lbs
Progressive Twin Disc System

Atomic Twin

The world’s only progressive twin disc system hits one disc at a time for a single disc feel you can creep in traffic or at the starting line with mad performance capabilities, no noise, no shims and none of that jerk your spine out on-off switch feel of other twins.

Just bolt it together and run it with up to 1100ft-lbs of capacity on drag radials with a 3600lb. curb weight.

  • Billet flywheel in lightened steel or aluminum
  • Billet aluminum floater cage
  • Spring actuated cryo-hardened steel mid-plate – progressive engagement with no rattles
  • Low-flex formed 2200lb clutch cover – provides quick engagement and great feel
  • Twin Feramix™ clutch discs
  • Includes mechanical Release Bearing, alignment tool, pilot bearing, hardware and instructions
  • Accurate dowel pin alignment for perfect centering and easy bolt-up
  • Bolt and Go- no shims, no measuring and no messing around
  • Rated up to 1100ft-lbs.
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