350/290HP Deluxe Crate Engine GM Performance

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350/290HP Deluxe Crate engine from GM Performance 290 hp@ 5250rpm / 326 lb.-ft @ 3750rpm

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The most popular GM Performance Crate Engine the 350 cube 290hp Deluxe!

The manifold is a high-flow aluminum intake, along with the gaskets and installation hardware. The chrome dress-up parts add a bright, finishing touch to the 350/290 HP.

It?s easy to understand why this economical crate engine is so popular. It features four-bolt mains for strength and it?s filled with premium parts, including a smooth hydraulic camshaft and durable aluminum pistons that deliver an 8.5:1 compression ratio?making it a great, time-saving alternative to rebuilding a tired, two-bolt-main core engine.

? Cast iron 4 Bolt main block with 2 piece rear main seal
? Nodular iron internally balanced crankshaft
? 5.7″ Powdered Metal connecting rods
? Cast aluminum flat top pistons.
? Hydraulic flat tappet camshaft.
Intake Lift- .450″ Intake Duration @ .050″ 222 degrees
Exhaust lift- .460″ Exhaust Duration @ .050″ 222 degrees
Lobe Centerline-114
? Cast iron 76cc 1.94?I/1.50?E heads
2-piece rear main

Also includes:

Dual Plane Aluminum intake manifold
Chrome Chevrolet valve covers
Chrome valve cover wing nuts and hold-downs
Chrome push-in breather
Chrome timing cover
Chrome Chevrolet script air cleaner

Holley 670-cfm carburetor recommended.

Oil Pan / Filter
The 350/290 HP engine block has provisions for both right-hand and left-hand dipsticks. The 350/290 HP engine includes a 4-quart oil pan which has the ?double bump out? for both dipstick designs.

The oil dipstick for the 350/290 HP engine for the left-hand is installed at the factory.
The 350/290 HP engine assembly does not include an oil filter adapter or oil filter element.
The 350/290 HP uses an AC # PF 454 or PF1218 oil filter

Weight: 0 lbs

Dimensions: W0" x H0" x L0"

If you don't know what you need, call our technical sales staff at 931-646-4836