How do I calculate the driveline angle?

Finding your driveline angle is the easy part; deciding what angles work best for you, however, can be a challenge. Please review the following video for a demonstration of driveline angle affect.
Driveline Angle Affect.

Simply put, an incorrect driveline angle can create vibration, cause premature universal joint failure, and reduces power to the rear wheels. Consider the following article from
How To Set Pinion Angle.

Tremec has created a free app for smart phones that measures the driveline angles and displays whether they are within specification. Below is a link to a PDF of the app’s instructions as well as a link where the app can downloaded.

TREMEC Driveline Angle Finder App Instructions

Get The Tremec Driveline Angle Finder App

One thought on “How do I calculate the driveline angle?

  1. Your app doesn’t work with my Samsung phone is using version 9 software. When I try to measure angle of any part of drivetrain the angle reads 0.00 and will not move ,deleted app and reloaded 3 times .wont work downloaded a angle protractor app and it works so not a setting.
    Help please

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