Tremec Electronic Speed Sensor Info (VSS)

    The VSS is located on the passenger side of the transmission at the rear, inline with the output shaft. They  are oriented upward toward the floorboard.  The photos below  are looking down at the sensor from above There are Ford and GM versions of the VSS.  We supply a two-wire connector for these.

     The VSS will generate a pulse signal based on driveshaft revolution and can be used with some electronic speedometers and/or engine control systems. Ford transmissions will generate 12 pulses per driveshaft revolution.  GM transmissions generate 17 pulses per shaft revolution.  The pin/wire on the left (toward front of car) is the Reference terminal (Blue wire on most wiring diagrams) and the one on the right (toward the rear of car) is the Signal terminal (Yellow on most wiring diagrams). Follow your speedometer manufacturers recommendation for wiring connections.  A pulse compensator/converter unit may be required to use the VSS with certain speedometers.

Ford Style  VSS (Ford TKO and ALL Magnums)

B [Blue] (Reference)   /   Y [Yellow] (Signal)

GM style VSS (GM TKO)

B [Blue] (Reference)   /   Y [Yellow} (Signal)

2 thoughts on “Tremec Electronic Speed Sensor Info (VSS)

  1. Hello. I have a t56 magnum with ford style on my VSS sensor and 12 tapped on output shaft. I think I should have 17.
    My ls 3 Gm Perfomance is reading wrong speet to the computer .
    Vhat su tou recomend?

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