What would cause my clutch to have a short engagement/disengagement?

If your clutch engages or disengages too quickly, you may have an incorrect pedal ratio. The pedal ratio is the distance that your foot moves versus the distance the rod going in and out of the master cylinder moves. Pedal ratio is an important component in creating a smooth pedal feel with excellent clutch modulation. One of the biggest mistakes made in hydraulic conversions is creating a low pedal ratio.

Ideally, you want between 5:1 and to 6:1 ratio. This means essentially that if your master cylinder rod moves 1”, your foot needs to moves 5-6”. The Wilwood master cylinder supplied with our Hydramax kits require 1.12″ of travel; this means that your pedal needs to move 6″ to achieve a 5:1 ratio. Most stock pedal pivot points give an excellent pedal ratio, however if you move the rod lower on the pedal, or you are building a custom car and you have a ratio lower than 4:1, you may consider artificially raising the point at which the pedal rod hits the pedal arm to increase this ratio. If this is not possible, you can also consider moving the master cylinder bracket assembly lower on the firewall to increase the rod angle and therefore the pedal ratio.

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