4L65E Transmission

Fits LS Engines and Mopar SB/BB/Gen III with bell housing. Fits most tunnels for GM.
Comes from Gearstar with the following included in the price:

  • Torque convertor 
  • Fluid 
  • Factory style dipstick
  • Crating and shipping

Features a 27 spline yoke (not included) 

Available in the following power levels:

  1. Level 2 400hp/400lbft 1600-2400 stall 
  2. Level 3 500hp/500lbft 2600-3200 stall 
  3. Level 4 650hp/600lbft 2600-4000 stall 

These require a transmission controller. They are available from Gearstar for $850. You can run these with a carb or EFI with that controller. The customer can also run this trans with Holley Dominator ECU, Terminator X or Sniper Transmission controller. Mechanical speedo upgrade is $350. Otherwise they are electronic.