Here Is Why you Need Electric Power Steering From American Powertrain

Speed Sensitive

Assist is reduced at speed for great road feel without the sloppy feel of hydraulic power steering (think ‘76 Buick).


Electric steering assist is replacing hydraulic assist on many high end modern cars and trucks.

Easy Installation

Model specific columns replace existing columns and look 100% stock (Also available on your choice of iDidit column).

Computer Controlled

For optimal efficiency & performance

OE Quality

High quality OE motors derived from high buck European luxury cars.

Quick Response

Never hesitates, cavitates or irritates

Proven Reliability

Many years of durable performance in Ferraris, Lambos, Jags, aSton Martins and other high end cars.


No pump, belts, hoses, fluid or other messy stuff


Because we drive a full column with a worm gear a complete electrical failure only results in manual steering until you fix the issue.

No Parasitic Loss

Gives you back the 4-5 horsepower your old tech power steering pump would steal from you

Plug & Play Wiring

Weatherpac style connectors with only four bare wires; ignition hot, permanent hot, ground and speed sensor.

We know what you’re thinking…

Why is a transmission company offering electric power steering?

Truth is, we have a second business that offers hundreds of these systems for classic European sports cars and super cars and the systems are phenomenal. We think the American Muscle and Rod world deserves these systems. Smooth and easy to install, our electric power steering systems can handle anything you throw at them with no leaks, no squeaks and no hesitation in fast cornering. Perfect for leisurely drives or highly charged auto crossing.

We know this is hard to understand and will be happy to answer your questions. After all, we are the experts.