Wide Selection

For most 4, 5 and 6-speed transmissions in almost any car

Pre-bled Release Bearings

100% pressure tested and easy to bleed

Buna-N Seals

Long lasting, won't degrade during storage months

Patented Firewall Mount

Adjustable stainless mount with integrated pedal stop for GM, Mopar and most Fords

Billet Firewall Mount

Model specific for hard to fit Mustang firewalls

Volume Matched Components

Perfect release with no hassles


Compatible with diaphragm clutches

Complete Systems

Include lines, fittings and hardware

Reservoir Options

Optional billet reservoir upgrade

American Powertrain’s patented HYDRAMAX hydraulic systems and components are the most advanced systems on the market today. Systems include every fitting, line and part for a complete installation along with great instructions, video guides and extended hours tech support.