TREMEC TR-4050 Pro Fit HD Kits


The TREMEC 4050 is the latest aftermarket manual transmission designed for heavy duty 4WD & 2WD truck applications. American Powertrain is hard at work adapting the 4050 to your favorite heavy duty classic trucks, and 4×4 applications with our new line of Pro Fit HD kits.

The TREMEC TR-4050 5-speed manual transmission is designed for longitudinal engine vehicles and is particularly suited for light and medium duty trucks. It includes a single overdrive and a light-weight aluminum housing

All forward gears are fully synchronized and use a carbon friction material for improved shift quality. Tapered roller bearings are used to minimize noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and improve efficiency.

A standard six-bolt Power Take-Off (PTO) located on the right side of the transmission offers users the ability to run a variety of hydraulic accessories.

4050 shift pattern
TREMEC 4050 Shift Pattern

TR-4050 Features at a Glance:
• High-contact constant mesh helical gears for maximum strength
• Die-cast aluminum alloy housing saves weight while offering
considerable rigidity
• Standard right-hand six-bolt PTO offers ability to run hydraulic pumps
• Multiple shifter locations provide design and installation flexibility
• The multiple rail internal shifter provides excellent shift feel and
• Tapered bearing on input, main and counter shafts provide
excellent internal stability
• Needle bearings under gears reduce friction and noise output
• All forward gears and reverse gear synchronized
• Advanced synchronizer technology promotes smoother shifting and
reduced shift effort
• Counter shaft mounted 5th gear synchronizer improves NVH in

TREMEC 4050 Specifications
TREMEC TR 4050 Specs
GM Square Body 4WD TREMEC TR-4050 Pro Fit HD Kit
GM Square Body 4WD TREMEC 4050 Pro Fit Hd Kit

The TREMEC TR-4050: A Deep Dive into A Modern Heavy Duty Manual Transmission

The TREMEC TR-4050 is a manual transmission is renowned for its robust build and versatile applications, serving both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let’s dive into the TREMEC TR-4050.

1. A Glimpse into its History

TREMEC, originally known as ‘Transmisiones y Equipos Mecánicos SA,’ began its journey in Mexico in 1964. Although the TR-4050 is not their first transmission, it’s one of their standouts, designed primarily for heavy-duty and off-road applications.

2. Key Features

  • Rugged Construction: Built for durability, it’s manufactured with high-quality materials to withstand tough conditions.
  • Five Forward Speeds: An optimal number for balancing both performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Clutch Actuation: Ensuring smoother gear shifts and reducing manual effort.

3. Major Benefits

  • Versatility: Suitable for both 2WD and 4WD applications.
  • Durability: Built to handle rigorous conditions, whether off-roading or towing heavy loads.
  • User-Friendly: Despite its rugged design, its usability, especially with the hydraulic clutch, is commendable.

4. The Nitty-Gritty: Gear Ratio Options

The TR-4050 offers a variety of gear ratios suitable for different needs:

  1. 1st: 6.16
  2. 2nd: 3.11
  3. 3rd: 2.00
  4. 4th: 1.31
  5. 5th: 1.00

The available ratios make it excellent for low-end torque, necessary for off-roading and towing.

5. Impressive Specs

  • Horsepower: The TR-4050 is built to handle engines with higher horsepower outputs, although specific figures might vary based on application and modifications.
  • Torque: Designed to handle upwards of 425 lb-ft of torque, it’s genuinely built for heavy-duty purposes.
  • RPM: With its robust construction, it can handle higher RPMs, ensuring that your vehicle stays in its power band.

6. Off-Road Capabilities

Given its strong build and gear ratios, especially the low first gear, the TR-4050 is a favorite among off-roaders. It provides the necessary torque at low speeds, essential for navigating challenging terrains, rock crawling, or mudding.

7. Towing Capabilities

The transmission is not just about off-roading. It’s equally adept at towing. Thanks to its construction and gear ratios, towing heavy loads becomes relatively less stressful on the vehicle’s drivetrain.

American Powertrain TREMEC 4050 Conversion Kits

The TREMEC TR-4050 is a testimony to engineering brilliance and serves as a benchmark in manual transmissions for off-road and heavy-duty applications. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for reliability on those weekend trail rides or a professional requiring a transmission that can handle the grind, the TR-4050 is worth every penny. American Powertrain now carries the TR-4050 and is building kits to fit it into a variety of classic 4WD and heavy duty 2WD application

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