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American Powertrain Pro-Fit kits for 88-98 Chevy/GMC C1500 OBS GMT400 truck 

Choose either 5 or 6-speed. No cutting the floor! 

30-50% increase in fuel economy
Low RPM cruising for greatly reduced driver fatigue and an improved highway driving experience. 
Reduced engine wear leading to longer engine life
Cooler engine operating temperatures

TKX Gear Ratios

Wide Ratio – 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, 0.72
Close Ratio – 2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, 0.68 OR 0.81 5th

T56 Magnum Gear Ratios
Close Ratio 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, 0.80, 0.63
Wide Ratio 2.97, 2.10, 1.46, 1.00, 0.74, 0.50

Kit includes:

AP Revolution Shifter Mechanism locates shifter – will fit bench or bucket seats
Seamless DOM Driveshaft Assembly – Race Balanced, Solid U-Joints
Driveshaft Slip Yoke – Cryogenically hardened steel
Transmission Mount – Polyurethane (TKO kit comes with 2.5″ spacer) 

Pilot Bearing – Stainless rollers, grease pre-pak
Reverse Light Harness – Weatherseal
Speedometer Conversion Electronic
Shifter Knob
Hardware, Instructions, Warranty

Reuses the stock crossmember. Just requires it to move forward to the next bolt holes and drill. Easy install

Hydraulic clutch recommended. Can use a stock C1500 pedal and factory hydraulic master cylinder. Hydramax bearing adapter line required. 

Weight: lbs

Dimensions: W" x H" x L"

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If you don't know what you need, call our technical sales staff at 931-646-4836