Automatic Transmissions

American Powertrain has partnered with Gearstar to offer overdrive automatic transmissions and Yank Torque converters. We will be adding a line of automatic Pro-Fit kits for specific vehicles soon.

We will be offering the following transmissions and kits

  • 4L60E for SBC/BBC/Early LT/LS
  • 4L65E for LS/late LT engines
  • 4L65E with two piece bell for SB/BB Mopar and Gen III
  • 4L80E for LS engines and late model LT engines 
  • 4R70W for Ford Small Block, Mod Motor and Coyote

We will also offer the following automatic transmission parts to complement your transmission choice:

  • Transmission cooler
  • Flex plate 
  • Torque Converters
  • Transmission controller 
  • Driveshaft 
  • Crossmember
  • Pro- Fit kits for specific applications with bolt in crossmembers