ProTwin Dual Disc Clutch Kit for LS Engines 8-bolt flywheel 26-spline 1100 ft/lbs

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ProTwin LS Engine 168 tooth 8 bolt Steel Flywheel. Twin discs up to 1100 ft/lbs 26-spline 1-1/8″ input shaft. Includes Flywheel, Pressure plate, 2 solid hub discs, floater, ARP fasteners, Pilot bearing and alignment tool

American Powertrain™ now offers a high performance twin disc designed for optimal performance and affordability. The ProTwin Clutch kit includes a billet steel flywheel, pressure plate, two drive discs, floater, flywheel crank bolts, pilot bearing and alignment tool. Each clutch kit comes fully balanced and features an impressive 1100 ft/lbs of torque holding capacity.  The ProTwin Kit offers a new level of performance for street or strip. Designed for quiet operation with no noisy floater rattle and a smooth and comfortable pedal operation feel. The Pro Twin clutch will make driving and shifting fun. Manufactured with a superior steel gauge and carbon-based friction material for long-lasting wear the Pro Twin Clutch by American Powertrain is a complete kit and includes ARP hardware. It’s also made in the USA.

  • Up to 1100 ft/lbs of torque holding capacity.
  • Fits any 26-spline Tremec transmission and LS bell
  • Fully balanced as one assembly.
  • Smooth & comfortable pedal operation and feel. Lighter pedal feel than most twin discs.
  • Quiet operation, no noisy floater rattle.
  • Light Solid hub design disc for improved shift capabilities.
  • Superior steel backed Carbon based friction material.
  • ARP hardware.

Weight: 55 lbs

Dimensions: W18" x H9" x L18"

If you don't know what you need, call our technical sales staff at 931-646-4836