LS Classic Series with 14 in. Chrome Round Air Cleaner Crate Engine Painted Orange with Cast Finish BB Valve Covers LS3 495 HP

Engines are built to order.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for build time. 



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LS Classic Series Classic Crate Engines

LS Classic Series classic crate engines come with the complete line of LS Classic Series components pre-installed and ready to drop-in your classic ride. These crate engines start with a brand new, GM 495 6.2L horsepower “Hot Cam” LS3 right out of the box. They are then painted orange, or left natural, and are assembled with an LS Classic Series vintage inspired 14 in. Classic air cleaner kit with chrome air cleaner, billet aluminum valley pan and cast big block valve covers. Once completely assembled, the Holley ECU is loaded with a start-up tune, and the engines are run to check for leaks and oil pressure. 

Specifications include:

* Compression ratio of 10.7:1

* Recommended fuel is 92 octane
* Cast aluminum block with 6-bolt cross-bolted main caps
* Nodular iron crankshaft
* Powdered metal connecting rods
* Hypereutectic aluminum pistons
* Steel hydraulic roller tappet camshaft
* Valve lift of 0.525 in. for intake and exhaust
* Duration at 0.050 in. is 219 degrees intake and 228 degrees exhaust
* Lobe separation angle is 112 degrees
* Combustion chamber volume is 68cc
* Valve diameter is 2.165 in. for the intake and 1.590 in. for exhaust
* Cast roller trunnion rocker arms with a 1.7:1 ratio
* Internally balanced
* 58x Gen IV reluctor wheel
* Maximum recommended rpm is 6,600
* Recommended torque converter stall is 2,400-2,800

Engines include:

* Fully assembled long block
* Holley Terminator engine management system with O2 sensor and transmission control
* 14 in. Classic intake system with chrome air cleaner, GM throttle body and injectors
* Oil pump, pick-up and Camaro style oil pan
* Intake manifold, fuel injectors and throttle body
* Harmonic balancer
* Front timing cover
* Billet aluminum valley plate with oil fill tube and breather cap
* Oil filter and passenger side oil dipstick and tube
* High-performance rear dump exhaust manifolds
* 14.000 in. automatic transmission flexplate

American Powertrain can also set up your engine for a manual transmission. Just give us a call!


Weight: 600 lbs

Dimensions: W48" x H48" x L48"

If you don't know what you need, call our technical sales staff at 931-646-4836