American Powertrain™ Adds GearStar™ Automatic Transmissions for Ford, Chevy, and Mopar


Overdrive Automatic Transmissions Available Now

Cookeville, TN (May 1, 2024) – American Powertrain™, the nation’s leading distributor of TREMEC® manual transmissions, has now added to its product lineup GearStar™ automatic transmissions for Ford, Chevy, and Mopar. Transmissions include the 4L60E for SBC, BBC and early LT engines, the 4L65E for LS, late LT engines, SB and BB Mopar and Gen III engines, the 4L80E for LS engines, and late model LTs and the 4R70W for Ford small block engines. 

Each Gearstar transmission is shipped in a protective crate with a Yank billet torque converter, transmission fluid, trans cooler and a factory-style dipstick. Each transmission option is available in various power ranges with 400-1000 lb/ft of torque capacity depending on model. American Powertrain Pro-Fit install kits are being developed for popular applications and will be announced soon. 

Matt Graves, American Powertrain Marketing and Product Manager says, “This is great news for anyone looking to put in a high-performance automatic transmission. We’ve had a lot of calls for automatic transmissions with overdrive and GearStar builds the best automatics in the industry. Just like Tremec, we are proud to offer a great transmission brand. Soon, we will be able to announce specific Pro-Fit install kits, but for now if you are looking to add a high performance automatic, our experienced team will ask all the right questions to ensure the power level you want and recommend a transmission that makes the most sense for your vehicle.”

Power and Torque Level Options


Level 2 – 400 hp/400 ft.-lbs., 1800-2400 stall

Level 3 – 500 hp/500 ft.-lbs., 2600-3600 stall

Level 4 – 650 hp/600 ft.-lbs., 2800-4000 stall


Level 2 – 400 hp/400 lb. ft., 1600-2400 stall

Level 3 – 500 hp/500 lb. ft., 2600-3200 stall

Level 4 – 650 hp/600 lb. ft., 2600-4000 stall


Level 2 – 500 hp/500 lb. ft., 1800-2200 stall

Level 3 – 600 hp/600 lb. ft., 2600-3600 stall

Level 4 – 800 hp/800 lb. ft., 2800-3400 stall

Level 5 – 1000 hp/1000 lb. ft., 2600-3600 stall

Ford 4R70W

Level 2 – 400 hp/500 lb. ft., 1600-2400 stall

Level 3 – 500 hp/450 lb. ft., 2600-3200 stall

Level 4 – 750 hp/550 lb. ft., 2600-4500 stall 

For more information about the new GearStar transmission kits available from American Powertrain, visit To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified sales technicians, call 931-646-4836.

American Powertrain exists to help muscle car owners equip their cars with modern drivetrain technology, offering overdrive transmission systems, hydraulic clutch kits, and a wide range of drivetrain-related parts from diff to block. Since American Powertrain opened for business, we have quickly become the world’s largest TREMEC dealer. Our installation parts and systems are proudly made in America for unmatched quality. Our staff of highly experienced enthusiasts has years of experience helping car owners and builders make the right drivetrain choices.


GearStar, formed by owner Zack Farah, over 25 years ago, manufactures high performance automatic transmissions for Ford, Chevy, and Mopar. Each performance transmission is different and is based on the needs of the customer using only quality parts from the United States. The company employs master builders with the highest level of transmission expertise to assist each customer in selecting the transmission that fits their unique needs for horsepower, torque output, and gear ratio. 

5 thoughts on “American Powertrain™ Adds GearStar™ Automatic Transmissions for Ford, Chevy, and Mopar

  1. I’m buying a 347 blueprint motor with 415 HP and 400 ft lbs of torque I need a automatic transmission that will do the job in my 1969 F100

  2. Looking for a replacement for my E40D in 1996 Ford F150.
    I would like one with 1st and 2nd gear lower a step than stock.

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