Prestige Motorsports Custom Engines now available at American Powertrain

Prestige Motorsports

Looking for a custom built engine? Prestige Motorsports builds custom performance crate engines to order from Ford, Chevy, Mopar and LS. They specialize in Complete Turn-Key Packages including your engine, transmission, cooling system and fueling system, all in one crate! American Powertrain strongly recommends Prestige engine packages, and we are proud to carry them with us!


Every Prestige Motorsports engine is built to order and comes with:

  • A Comprehensive Installation Package
  • Custom Configuration
  • Part-for-Part Component Breakdown
  • Dyno Testing for Proven Performance
  • 3-Year Warranty (or 1-Year Warranty for Value-Series Engines)

Ask your American Powertrain sales person for a custom quote on any Prestige Engine. They work with Prestige and can get your engine and transmission packaged matched up perfectly. We take out all the guesswork.

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3 thoughts on “Prestige Motorsports Custom Engines now available at American Powertrain

  1. I’ve got a short throw for a t 5 will that work on a tkx? Will a t5 bell housing work on a tkx

    1. Mark, Sorry but neither one of those will work on a TKX. TKX has a munice/toploader bolt pattern depending on if its a GM spec or Ford spec. T-5 has its own unique bolt pattern for the bell. Shifter is 4 bolt and the TKX shifter is 6 bolt. We sell both the correct bell and the correct short throw shifter for the TKX.

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