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  1. I bought a TKO-500 from you last spring for my 65 Biscayne LS conversion. We got it moving last fall and had a whine in the drive train, suspecting the rebuilt rear end. We just go it out to go to Carlisle PA in 2 weeks and started readjusting the rear end gears and could not remove the whine. This is complete frame off restoration. It has a loud whine when taking it easy in 3rd through 5th. We have about 300 miles on it. I have changed the fluid once and saw some break in filings. If you are under torque or cruising 75 down the highway, there is no noise, but when you let off if sings like a canary. A lot of blogs say this is common, but a lot of guys say theirs has been quiet from day one. My neighbor has installed 2 and these both run quiet and smooth. Any Ideas? Does it need to go back? Warranty? Thanks in advance for any assitance.

    1. Did you dial indicate your bell housing? How is the clutch? If you put the car on jack stands with the engine running put in neutral and see if the drive shaft is still turning. If so you have some clutch drag and or input shaft to pilot bearing misalignment..Or just Give us a call at 931-646-4836 and talk to our tech line guys they can walk you through it.

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