Magnum 6-speed size comparison chart

With all the crazy engine swaps these days it helps to have a handy size chart for the multiple 6-speed offerings we have from Tremec. We can also provide you with multiple shifter locations for Magnum. Just give us a call.

For more about Magnum 6-speeds click here.

14 thoughts on “Magnum 6-speed size comparison chart

  1. I have a 1967 chevelle with a munice 4 speed and console just finished the restoration and it looks beautiful it has a 496 bbc engine in it with a 800cfm carb an headers. I want to put a tko 5 speed transmission in, do I have to cut the trans tunnel to make the 5 speed fit or do you have a tko 5 speed that will fit I also have a gforce trans cross member. Any help you could give me would be great thank you

  2. Would the new Magnum be a direct replacement for Aston Martin DB7 Vantage v12 T56.. [I can move slightly
    the gear lever or X member if it’s out a little]
    and did the early T56 used in the 2001-2007 Aston DB7s and Vanquish have paper synchros or later metal types.?

  3. I have a 429/ 460 scattershield , block plate , and adapter ring that appears to be for install of a T-56 transmission ,,,, unknown origin ,,,,,
    I need get a trany for it and clutch setup ,,,
    My project 1959 Galaxy awaits ,,,
    Any specific information what this scattershield I have is from or for ?
    Thank You
    Alex Da Trucker

  4. Will the magnum fit in a 67 Nova factory 4 speed without cutting the tunnel ? Would like the shifter in the stock location

  5. Which one would be the best fit for my ’92 Mustang with an LS1? trying to find the one that requires the least cutting. I only see kits for T-5 applications on your site.


  6. Thanks for the informative article
    Do you also have widths at the different stages of length? I am hoping to retrofit a Magnum into an AC Cobra replica, and whilst the length is fine, am unsure if the tunnel is sufficiently wide.
    Any information appreciated

      1. Thanks for the reply
        Does the short driveshaft present a problem? I have a jag IRS rear end, so would hope there is less need for any allowance for driveshaft angle.

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